"A bible of tested techniques for anyone interested in creating profitable advertising and marketing"
It's Time To cut The Bullsh*t - It's Time For the TRUTH About Advertising and Marketing...
What The Truth! reveals about advertising and marketing your business in this new economy and the art of producing great advertising is worth a fortune to anybody who:
1. Has a product to sell

2. Has an idea or service to promote

3. Wants to be successful in their marketing and advertising career

4. Would like to enjoy the step by step walk through of creating advertising and marketing that sells from the Irish ‘Marketing Maverick’ John Mulry
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What if EVERYTHING you ever learned about marketing your business was wrong?
The true power of marketing and advertising is known to only a handful of business owners, but those who possess it, have sold their products/services in the millions.
Perhaps no other method is known to man for persuading so many to buy so much, than the unchanging principles of effective marketing and advertising.

This book reveals how to do it, explains how you can do it, and makes very clear why people like Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Clate Mask of Infusionsoft, Dan Kennedy, Dave Dee and AJ Mirabedini of GKIC have given the author, John Mulry their endorsement.

And you can have it for free...

Just pay the small shipping and handling fee.
The Truth!
The systematic way to create marketing and advertising that sells...
Here's a Quick Taste of What You'll Discover in Your Free Copy Of The Truth!
  •    How to quit competing on price and start selling your product or service for what you’re really worth…
  •    You'll learn how to apply time tested common sense principles that have stood the test of time…no matter your business or industry.
  •    The weird easy to implement method that position’s you as the only choice in the eyes of your prospective clients and customers…
  •    How to stop relying on tactics that may or may not even be suitable for your business and how to shift your efforts and resources to an overall strategy that positions your business as the only choice for your target market...
  •    Why the way you’re currently marketing may be losing you time and money…and how to put an end to this once and for all.
  •    How to turn your advertising and marketing into a SYSTEM THAT WORKS...
  •    How to say things in a way that will have a profound difference in your marketing results…
  •    How to achieve massive leverage with your marketing
  •    How to make more money for the same time, the same money, and the same effort you're expending right now.
  •    A proven system of marketing that you'll be able to instantly validate and embrace
  •    A clear vision of what your marketing is supposed to look like and, just as importantly, what it's not supposed to look like.
  •    The fundamental formulas and strategies to not only make your marketing work better but to enable you to create what we call "competition-crushing" marketing
  •    Two main components to any marketing plan and why you’re relying on the wrong one
  •    How to say things in a way that will make a profound difference in your marketing results.
  •    How to drive more leads and often see an increase in your advertising response by 2 to more than 100 times.
  •    How to convert a higher percentage of those leads and make your salespeople into superstars
  •    How to increase the amount of your average sale and your list of clients that pay, stay and refer will increase significantly
  •    How to have total control over your marketing and lead generation results.
  •    The actual purpose of marketing and why the noise of today has made you drop the ball
  •    The inside perception and outside reality conundrum of you’re not getting the results you deserve
  •    Why you’re being conditioned to do marketing the WRONG way.
  •    The most significant event in the history of marketing and advertising occurred in 1945 and what it means for your business
  •    A weird equation that generates leads at will…
  •    How to become a communications powerhouse
  •    A step by step plan for implementing it into your own business.
  •    The three things you need to know about your target customers brain
  •    Why people see and hear ads with their eyes and ears, but they don't notice them on a conscious level.
  •    How to make sure they consciously notice your ad or marketing piece and they're open to your suggestions and solutions.
  •    How to dominate your marketplace without spending anymore money than you already are
  •    The seven Fundamentals to Understanding Human Behaviour
  •    The 3 steps to creating persuasive marketing
  •    The Real Key to Success in Marketing
  •    How to start implementing this in your business tomorrow
  •    How to define your target market, if you haven’t already
  •    How your target market influences your marketing choices
  •    A step-by-step process for identifying your target market
  •    Types of target markets, examples of target markets and market research strategies
  •    How to strengthen your marketing message
  •    How a strong marketing message will supercharge your lead generation
  •    Examples of strong marketing messages...
  •    A step-by-step process for developing your unique marketing message
  •    Strategies that will strengthen your existing marketing message
  •    How to test and measure the strength of your message.
  •    How to be consistent with your strong marketing message
  •    How to make a huge difference in your the success of your lead generation strategies.
  •    How to generate more leads with less effort
  •    How to measure the current status of lead generation in your company
  •    The purpose of lead tracking and management systems
  •    Types of lead tracking and lead management systems
  •     How to set up a lead tracking and or management system
  •    The beauty of qualified lead generation
  •    How to get more results from your existing strategies
  •    How to create marketing materials that are profitable
  •    The marketing materials you really need - and the ones you don't
  •    The mistakes you might be making now - and how to fix them
  •    The elements each piece of marketing collateral should have
  •    What you need to know about the design of your materials
  •    What you need to know about testing, measuring and making mistakes
  •    What to focus on if you have a tight marketing budget
  •    How to craft powerful offers
  •    The elements that make an offer 'powerful'
  •    A step-by-step process for creating a powerful offer
  •    Types of powerful offers and examples of powerful offers
  •    Testing and measuring your powerful offers
  •    How to craft an offer that is irresistible to your potential customers' emotional motivators.
  •    How to write headlines that stop your prospects in their tracks
  •    The role of strong headlines in all of your marketing materials
  •    Headlines as emotional motivators - how, why and when...
  •    How to create strong headlines for your audience
  •    Examples of strong headlines
  •    Headline templates...
  •    How to test and measure headlines
  •    How to write ads that sell
  •    And so much more
"It didn't take long for John's marketing gems to click on a few light bulbs for me and set me straight, as I put together my new advertising campaigns."
- Doreen Mellor Business Owner

"My mind was blown away by the in-depth business concepts, strategies, tactics, tools and honesty I saw. Before I met you I didn't have a easy to follow and implement system"
- Frederick Chelogram Business Owner

"Enlightened with a new sense of direction for my business. John explained to me in a simple yet highly effective manner, exactly what I needed to do, to take my business to the next level"
- Kevin Russell Business Owner

"Helped me close sales and increase revenue for my business. John's in depth knowledge of marketing and his easy to apply systems are a huge benefit to any business needing a boost. Highly recommended."
- Don Neachtain Business Owner

"Taught me to think out side the box, how to build a system, once it is done all you have to do when you need it again is switch it on. I have got a lot of new clients with the new ad campaign that we have been working on. Now I have a system in place I can just use this over and over again."
- Christina Dillon Business Owner

"At last someone has made an easy actionable blueprint for success, in any niche, without all the fluff and BS. John has made it fail proof not to succeed in business, but only if you get off your butt and put in the action."
- Kevin Long Business Owner

"Really helpful, broke everything down into simple to understand, bite sized chunks that helped me get over the fear of marketing."
- Pól Murray Business Owner

"Surpassed my expectations so much that I am in awe (I have never used that word in my life). One of the most helpful contacts I have ever had with any marketing consultant"
- Lee Parratt Business Owner

"John provides quality information for anyone who is in business, or looking to get into business, concerning their marketing efforts. It is amazing what little changes they teach can do for a business."
- Brian Whitesides Business Owner

This is more than a book advertising and marketing from one of the leading trusted marketing advisors of our time. It is a book by a man who helps successful businesses become more successful. It is a bible of tested techniques for anyone interested in creating profitable advertising and marketing – based on empirical evidence from over 200 industries.

And it’s one of the most exciting business books you’ll ever read.

No other book about marketing and advertising has ever told so much about what to do and what to avoid. And no other book has told it with such authority, such skill and with such good readability.

Everything you want to know about advertising and marketing is here, and is written with disarming distaste for wasting your time or money.
A TRUE No Risk Offer And Guarantee...
John Mulry here, I want to give you a copy of The Truth! for free. All I ask is that you invest the $7.95 for shipping and handling.

There’s no way I’ll be able to weed out the guys and gals JUST wanting the free book from those are actually serious about improving themselves and their business if I just started offering it willy nilly…

So instead, what I’m going to do is put up a small wall that’s big enough to deter those freebie seeking scamps and small enough that the serious players won’t mind jumping over…

That wall is just $6.95...
Your book will be shipped the same business day that you order.

As soon as you request it, we ship it to you - so you can expect to get it in about 7-10 days.

In case you're wondering why I'm doing this... reasons are threefold:

1. I genuinely enjoy helping forward thinking, successful business owners that are always looking to improve themselves and their business.

2. If I can get my book into your hands, I know you'll love it and if you love it, you should get excited to buy other stuff from me in the future.

3. I'm on a mission. A big mission. I want to help 1,000,000 people by 2030 have an attitude of success in everything they do rather than failure and I want to instill people to adopt my 'invest, consume and act' model for success.

By giving my book away for free, I get to help you get your business out there, thus enabling you to help more people - which kind of means I helped those people too!% guarantee that you'll love this book, or I'll return your $6.95 along with another $7.05

A 200% money back guarantee...
Get the book and if for any reason you unhappy, I'll let you keep the book and give you back DOUBLE your money.

There's no one providing ANY offer like that.

So take advantage of it.

You'll not be disappointed.

John Mulry
The man behind The Truth!
In 2009, I did what few would dare do, I packed in my short and unhappy career in corporate finance to (in the midst of the recession) go volunteering for a year in South America.

Upon my return I started a fitness business but quickly realised without profitable advertising and marketing I was doomed. Rather than accept the status quo of the impending doom I sought out and  studied under some of the most world-renowned experts in business, direct response marketing and coaching.
Experts including marketing legends Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy, GKIC, lifestyle and business experts Tony Robbins, Dax Moy, and Emmy award winning movie Director/branding agent Nick Nanton. 

I then discovered that my true passion was not fitness but advertising and marketing.
I was then handpicked and trained by Dan Kennedy and is Ireland’s only GKIC Certified Business Advisor.

I live and breathe by my creeds “invest, consume and act” and having an “expect success attitude”.
 My highly acclaimed first book Your Elephant’s Under Threat details this journey and in The Truth! I share the unchanging principles of marketing and advertising proven to work in more than 200 industries.

When asked by a popular newspaper what the TRUTH is I answered:

“The Truth! isn’t just a book, it’s a step by step system for marketing your business. It’s the book that I wish I had when I first started my business.

What I’ve put together isn’t tactics or tricks to work now and then, or it isn’t based on one particular media like social media or whatever.

It’s based on the unchanging principles of human psychology and how people make buying decisions.

I’ve put it together to be more of a blueprint than just a series of chapters, each one builds upon the previous and the end result is a system you’ll be able to deploy in your business for attracting your ideal customers.” 
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