Get Your FREE Copy of The Book Brian Tracy Calls: "The Must Read For Entrepreneurs"
Get Your FREE Copy of The Book Brian Tracy Calls: "The Must Read For Entrepreneurs"
Your Elephant's Under THREAT
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“If you’re an entrepreneur who’s struggling to adapt to the changing world of business or you need a system for defining and getting exactly what you want in life, then you need this book.” - BRIAN TRACY - Brian Tracy International, Legendary Speaker, Trainer and Author of over 60 Best Selling Self Improvement Books and Business Books
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Your Elephant's Under Threat: How to tap into the power of positive change that eludes you and your business.
This book details John's journey from lost, alone, with no direction and living someone else's life to drawing upon the transformative power of positive change within him and the others he surrounded himself with. 

He changed his life, found happiness, has a business that serves him and now with the information, systems and strategies he shares in this self improvement book, you can too...
In This "Must Read" Book You Will Discover...
Real Reason...
The real reason you cannot change and why no amount of positive thinking will fix it.
Three Kinds...
The three types of people you need in your life to succeed…
The Secret...
The secret to breaking free from the shackles of living someone else’s life so you can start living your own…
Expect Success...
The Expect Success mentality that allows you the freedom to do whatever you want…
How to overcome the threats in your life keeping you from excelling…
Tap Into...
How to tap into the power of the three words that will change your life and business forever…
How to start accepting failure for what it really is…
Dream Life...
The powerful question that if answered openly and honestly will set the stage for you to live your dream life…
Your Elephant's Under THREAT
Are you looking for the fastest, easiest or BEST way to change your life and/or business?
Check Out What Other People Are Saying About John's Book

"If ever there was a simple definition of how to succeed, John has ‘nailed it’..."

"The thing about John that most people aren't willing to do, is to actually apply the best practices that they learn to their own business and life in order to achieve maximum effectiveness in minimum time. I love the fact that John lives and breathes what he teaches in this book. One of the most important concepts that surfaces in his book is summarized in his three words: invest, consume, and act. If ever there was a simple definition of how to succeed, John has ‘nailed it’ with these words. Moreover, he’s living proof that the invest/consume/act model works."
- Nick Nanton , CEO of the Dicks Nanton Celebrity Branding® Agency, Emmy Award Winning Director, Producer & Best-Selling Author

"An Excellent Tool To Use On Your Journey"

"In order to achieve success in life, you must first expect it, define it, and apply knowledge gained through education and experience. John Mulry’s book, Your Elephant’s Under Threat, is an excellent tool to use on your journey." 

- Tom Hopkins , Tom Hopkins International, Speaker and Author of How to Master the Art of Selling

"Totally Blown Away By All Of The 
Information in This Book"

"Just going through the first part of this book has made me realize a lot of things and I think John’s really onto something. The concepts and stories to illustrate them reached into my head and dredged up a few things I'd been keeping to myself, which isn't a bad thing - if the reader takes this information to heart and reads the book several times, it will definitely help him or her to be where they want to be. I believe I'll be able to tame the chaos around here as well as in my mind. I have to say, I am totally blown away by all of the information in this book. VERY awesome stuff! I'd like to go through all the exercises myself once I finish the second or third edit, and will probably end up buying the book once it's out. I am definitely enjoying this book more than most. Thanks again, John; I don't come across books that strike me this much very often, so it's a wonderful thing!"

- Editor and Author of The Ten Pillars of a Happy Relationship

"If You're an Ambitious Entrepreneur... 
Read This Book!"

“John’s brutal honesty and acknowledgement of his own mistakes and the unselfish nature in which he is willing to relive past experiences, both good and bad, at least one of which I'm sure you’ll relate to is truly commendable. This man is willing to put himself, his story and his vision out there for the sake of others and this sets him apart from the rest. This coupled with the strategies and structures he provides to embrace change and achieve your business goals makes this book a must read and one that I look forward to revisiting over and over.”

- Kenneth Cosgrove, Milk Marketing

"Provocative and Profound"

"John Mulry’s personal story and journey is provocative and profound”…”He has revealed a lot about personal and business transformation, making it an organised process rather than an accidental evolution.”

- Author & Marketing/Business Strategist.

"If You're an Ambitious Entrepreneur... 
Read This Book!"

"What a fantastic, straightforward, and honest book backed by a wonderful story of positive change. If you are an ambitious entrepreneur and want to have your own story of personal triumph and business success, read this book!”

- Clate Mask , CEO and Co-Founder of InfusionSoft
About the Author:
“Helping entrepreneurs grow their business and profits through successful online and offline direct marketing systems.”

John Mulry is an award winning trusted marketing advisor, lead generation, client experience specialist, author, speaker and is aptly known as the ‘marketing maverick’ by his clients and close friends. 

He offers strategies for business owners to grow their business through direct response marketing. When John first started his business rather than accept the status quo of the impending doom of the recession he sought out and has studied under some of the most world-renowned experts in business, direct response marketing and coaching. 

Experts including marketing legends Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy, GKIC, lifestyle and business experts Tony Robbins, Dax Moy, and Emmy award winning movie Director/branding agent Nick Nanton.
He lives and breeds by his creeds “invest, consume and act” and having an “expect success attitude”. John was handpicked by Dan Kennedy and is Ireland’s only GKIC Certified Business Advisor.

John’s mission is to show you how to:

• Attract more of your ideal customers and clients,
• Get them to come back more often,
• Have them spending more on each visit,
• Have them send you more referrals than you ever thought possible.
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