John Mulry's mission is to transform 1,000,000 businesses by 2030... He's an award winning and trusted Dan Kennedy-trained marketing advisor, speaker, and multi #1 Amazon best selling author with a unique, deep knowledge that spans both online and offline direct response marketing.
Growing up wasn't a walk in the park for John, he was bullied, suffered the loss of his best friend and never really 'fit in'. He always felt he was different, destined for greatness and had a fascination with direct response advertising and marketing before he knew what it was. He'd stay up late watching infomercials, and get excited to hear the ptches and then order products like the Jack La Lane Juicer, Instant Abs and other 'stuff' as his parent would say. Little did he know it's a world he'd fall in love with...

Throughout his younger years John battled with excessive partying, drinking and getting up to no good. After he graduated with an Honours degree in Mathematics and Economics he went to San Diego for a summer of madness and returned to get a Masters Degree in Business, Finance and Capital Markets from DCU. He got a job as a financial analyst but he hated it.

Realising he was woefully unhappy and constantly turning to drink for solutions he headed off to South America in the middle of the worst recession of his time, and volunteered for a year. While away his values and ideals were completely shifted. His "Expect Success" mentality was born...
When John returned from volunteering he decided he'd never work for anyone again and started his own fitness business. His dad passed away due to ill health which inspired him on. John felt like he let him down for leaving his "secure job" to go out on his own. The reality was he wasn't. His dad has always been one of his biggest heroes. 

John started using direct response and online marketing strategies that were way ahead of his time and he was generating leads and clients online and offline before it became the "norm".

Discovering he was more passionate about the advertising and marketing side of his business (and having a natural flair for it) he transitioned out of fitness into direct response marketing with the help of his mentor Dan Kennedy.

He partnered with Dan and GKIC to start helping businesses implement wildly profitable and different advertsing/marketing campaigns. He started being asked to speak to different groups and at different events and people loved his no nonsense, "invest, consume and act" approach to business and life.

John fell in love with information marketing and wrote his highly acclaimed (and VERY personal) first book Your Elephant's Under Threat which got worldwide praise from the likes of Dan kenendy, Nick Nanton, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Clate Mask and many more.
Today, John is one of the leading marketing consultants of his generation with a unique, deep knowledge that spans both online and offline direct response marketing.

With clients all over the world his mission is to help transform 1,000,000 businesses by 2030. A lofty mission but one John doesn't plan on doing alone. He's putting the finishing touches on training, supports and systems so other people can join him and fulfill his mission.

John has published six books Your Elephant's Under Threat, The Truth!, Direct Response, 7 Deadly Sins, Send in The Wolves and Expert Authority. He's a master funnel builder, copywriter and strategist with a flair for uncovering the hidden opportunities in your business. As of 2018, John's teaching, books, courses have been sold and heard in almost every continent.
John is one of the leading mentors on the SCCUL Biz Mentors program and works with one pro-bono client at a time.

He also actively participates in helping charities and has raised funds and raised awareness for many charities including The Corrib Lions Club, SCCUL Sanctuary, Galway Hospice, Hand in Hand, Paws, Madra and more.

One of John's proudest 'giving' moments is his and girfriend's performance in Strictly Galway which was raising funds for Galway Hospice and The Corrib Lions Club.
When John's not weaving his marketing magic or helping you turn your ideas, knowledge and passions into multiple streams of passive income he's relaxing at home with his girlfriend Jess and his dogs Sam, Baxter and Oscar.

They live in the middle of the Irish countryside in a small little village called Taghshinny.
How to tap into the transformative power of positive change that eludes you and your business...
John's first book which received worldwide praise from Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Tom Hopkins, Nick Nanton, Clate Mask and many more... Inside, John walks you through his own personal struggles from growing up, alchohol, South America (volunteering, jail in Brazil, shark encounters and a hallucegenic time in the jungle) and reveals his three step method for succeeding...
The new, advanced (and easier) 'THUD FACTOR' method for generating passive income...
How to turn your ideas, knowledge and passions into multiple streams of passive income and position your self as the Expert Authority. In a way that DOESN'T INVOLVE forex trading, cryptocurrency crap, MLM, pyramid schemes, taking surveys, Shopify, dropshipping, selling T-shirts, massive overheads, tech skills, a massive list or following, or posting on social media all day long...
What if everything you've ever learned about marketing your business was wrong?
Inside The Truth! John gives you the four step formula (proven to work in over 200 industries) and turning your advertising and marketing into customer and client getting machines. The Truth! has been called "a bible of proven, time tested marketing strategies and a system for turning losing advertising campaigns into wildly profitable ones..."
How to market your business, create advertising that sells and prosper in this new economy...
Direct Response is part blueprint, part roadmap and all value. A run down of some of the best marketing lessons and strategies John's learned from his marketing mentor Dan Kennedy. If you're looking for a system for marketing your business - this is it...
Get rid of these 7 deadly sins and unlock the 3 step formula for attracting and converting your ideal clients...
Ever heard of sales prevention? It's rife and you don't even realise it until it's too late. Not only are you leaving money on the table but you're crippling your business in the process. Inside The 7 Deadly Sins reveals what the sins are and how you can turn them in your favour and attract all the clients and patients you can handle...(Currently not availble - being updated)
The million dollar, real world education on how to run a successful, profitable business in this new economy...
Written alongside 'The Wolf' Jim Toner, Send in the Wolves is the raw, hard hitting TRUTH about the ugly side of business. Inside, John and Jim share the good, the bad, the ugly and the nasty along with the super simple sales system and everything from managing your mind, money and madness of life...
Skyrocket your productivity and crush each and every one of their goals in just 10 minutes a day...
If goal setting, positive thinking, fire walking and every other “technique” that self-help guru’s preach actually worked… then why are they failing miserably for you? Do you (still) struggle with sheer amount of projects, tasks, ideas and stuff you need to do on a daily basis? If yes, not only do you ABSOLUTELY need The Productivity Planner, you'll likely go insane without it...
My 3 Step Method For Publishing A Bestseller And Generating Multiple Streams Of Passive Income......
Even if you're brand new, aren't a writer and don't think you're an expert...
How to Double Your Profits Without Doubling Your Efforts, Overheads Or Headaches...
No matter your business, your industry or how big your competitors are...
My Weird Four Step Process That Boosts Advertising Response By 1500%...
Without Spending More Money On Advertising And Marketing......
"John was lucky enough to be personally mentored and trained by me. As a GKIC Certified Business Advisor, he’s equipped with an arsenal of tools that any small business owner can pick up and run with to start producing big time, bottom line results. This is exactly the kind of advice I needed when I started my career… but nobody who really knew what was going on was willing to share. If you’re a business owner and you want real improvement in your business then I highly suggest you listen to what John has to say."
Dan Kennedy - Highest Paid Direct Response Marketer on Planet and John's Mentor
"The thing about John that most people aren't willing to do, is to actually apply the best practices that they learn to their own business and life in order to achieve maximum effectiveness in minimum time. I love the fact that John lives and breathes what he teaches in this book. One of the most important concepts that surface in his book is summarized in his three words: invest, consume and act. If ever there was a simple definition of how to succeed, John has ‘nailed it’ with these words. Moreover, he’s living proof that the invest/consume/act model works."
Nick Nanton - CEO of the Dicks Nanton Celebrity Branding® Agency, Emmy Award Winning Director, Producer
"It didn't take long for John's marketing gems to click on a few light bulbs for me and set me straight, as I put together my new advertising campaigns."
Business Owner
Doreen Mellor
"My mind was blown away by the in-depth business concepts, strategies, tactics, tools and honesty I saw. Before I met you I didn't have a easy to follow and implement system"
Business Owner
Frederick Chelogram
"Enlightened with a new sense of direction for my business. John explained to me in a simple yet highly effective manner, exactly what I needed to do, to take my business to the next level"
Business Owner
Kevin Russell
"Helped me close sales and increase revenue for my business. John's in depth knowledge of marketing and his easy to apply systems are a huge benefit to any business needing a boost. Highly recommended."
Business Owner
Don Neachtain
"Taught me to think out side the box, how to build a system, once it is done all you have to do when you need it again is switch it on. I have got a lot of new clients with the new ad campaign that we have been working on. Now I have a system in place I can just use this over and over again."
Business Owner
Christina Dillon
"At last someone has made an easy actionable blueprint for success, in any niche, without all the fluff and BS. John has made it fail proof not to succeed in business, but only if you get off your butt and put in the action."
Business Owner
Kevin Long
"Surpassed my expectations so much that I am in awe (I have never used that word in my life). One of the most helpful contacts I have ever had with any marketing consultant"
Business Owner
Lee Parratt
"John provides quality information for anyone who is in business, or looking to get into business, concerning their marketing efforts. It is amazing what little changes they teach can do for a business."
Business Owner
Brian Whitesides
"Really helpful, broke everything down into simple to understand, bite sized chunks that helped me get over the fear of marketing."
Business Owner
Pól Murray
Information on 1:1 consulting, done-with-you, done-for-you monthly implementation, speaking and more...
If you're interested in consulting, working with or speaking with John Mulry you can find out more abot his private progrms below.
Become the EXPERT AUTHORITY in your market...
Brought to you by Dan Kennedy-trained, award-winning consultant, and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author John Mulry. Now you'll have his exact model to follow, systems, funnels, campaigns and more to become the EXPERT AUTHORITY in your marketplace in 30 days or less...Even if you're brand new, aren't a writer and don't think you're an expert...
Want more more website visitors, leads and sales?
Walks you through step-by-step on how to set up PROFITABLE Facebook advertising campaigns and shares secrets about Facebook Ads 95% of businesses, advertisers and marketers don't know...
Build a 5 star reputation for your business...
This revolutionary, easy to use software makes it easy for you t build your five star reputation, multiply your exiting clients and patients and generate 3.5x better results with your online marketing (without spending more money on advertising and marketing...
John is available for speaking, interviews, podcasts. Download the media bio and press kit here:
Media Bio
John Mulry is an award-winning, Dan Kennedy-trained trusted marketing advisor, international speaker, and multi-bestselling author with a unique, deep knowledge that spans both online and offline direct response marketing. Author of six books, and creator of the Expert Authority Formula he helps business owners turn their ideas, passions, and knowledge into passive income streams online.

His books, courses, and done-for-you programs have been consumed in almost every continent and are built on the bedrock of fundamentals, not here today, gone tomorrow tactics or fads. From the tribal city of Galway, Ireland, when he's not weaving his 'marketing maverick' magic he's relaxing with his girlfriend Jess and three dogs Sam, Baxter, and Oscar.
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John Mulry's mission is to transform 1,000,000 businesses by 2030... He's an award winning and trusted Dan Kennedy-trained marketing advisor, speaker, and multi #1 Amazon best selling author with a unique, deep knowledge that spans both online and offline direct response marketing.
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